"Diabetes can be treated with surgical method!"

​You feel pain and burning in your feet in every morning and you feel chronically tired and exhausted at day time. You are started on insulin, even if you take handful of pills. Your blood glucose is fluctuating despite all measures and treatments. How can you solve this problem?

Many patients with diabetes mellitus experience those signs and symptoms, soon or late, at early stage of the condition. While some patients are diagnosed with diabetes at very late age, others require learning to live with diabetes at early stages of life and at young ages. Well then, what is diabetes mellitus and how does it influence our life that much?

High blood glucose or diabetes in medical terms is a chronic condition, which is manifested by high blood glucose level. High blood glucose is, unfortunately, destructive and lethal for all body cells, especially blood vessels. In other words, unregulated blood glucose kills cells and shortens our lifetime. Moreover, our quality of life is substantially reduced and it leads to medical conditions and even crisis, which can be hardly managed, due to various organ damages. Examples include patients with renal failure, who require dialysis to manage this condition. Heart attacks, strokes and vascular disorders – leading to even amputation of legs – are common medical conditions, which we frequently observed in many diabetic patients.

Alteration of Lifestyle is the principal treatment!

The principal treatment of diabetes is to make patients adapt their life to diabetes. This approach requires adopting some specific principles. Briefly, we should make a room for exercise in our life again. In other words, patients with Type 2 diabetes should jog regularly every day. In addition, they should eat as small portions at frequent intervals and foods with heavy sugar and starch content should be avoided.

Less than 10% of all diabetic patients can efficiently regulate blood glucose.

Most of these patients cannot achieve regulation of blood glucose with lifestyle modification alone. Therefore, almost all patients are started on blood glucose lowering pills. These treatment modalities are started as mono-agent medication therapy, but since it fails in most patients, multi-agent therapies and insulin are added to the management in the course of time.

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