Human Resources

Individuals within our company can express themselves clearly The opinions and thoughts of others are important to us.

We look for solutions to improve ourselves, our processes and ways of doing business. We evaluate the results and feedback of our work and move forward continuously.

We develop innovative and distinctive processes that create value and encourage our employees to do so.

Our Human Resources Policy

  • To provide qualified human resources that will contribute to the achievement of our company's goals in line with our company's vision and mission,
  • Creating processes, policies and systems for training, development, performance, reward and payment systems and continuously improving them,
  • To increase the contribution of our employees to company processes and to support them,
  • Investing in the personal and professional development of our employees on the basis of continuous development and learning
  • To create safe, appropriate and peaceful working environments,
  • To maintain and develop an open and transparent management approach,
  • To work to be a preferred employer brand,
  • To create a highly motivated, customer and employee oriented, leadership human resources unit and to support the progress of our company, HUMAN RESOURCES HR Policy and Practices

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