Pediatric Intensive Care

Pediatric Intensive Care

Critically ill patient implies a person with vital signs impaired enough to cause life threatening risk(s).

Critically ill children are provided life support care round the clock with a multidisciplinary approach in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit of PSH Hosiptal.

Children differ from adults substantially in terms of metabolism, physiology and psychology.

Since diseases of pediatric population and their treatment require distinct approaches, critically ill children are treated in pediatric intensive care units.

Critically ill children are treated and monitored using ventilators, monitors and dialysis machines, among others, in pediatric intensive care units. All laboratory tests are analyzed and imaging studies are performed 24/7 for pediatric patients who stay at pediatric intensive care unit.

All critically ill children are admitted to our units and any and all monitoring, follow-up, treatment and care are performed by staff of our department immediately after patient is admitted.